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Cacao Ceremony

Inner Goddess Healing: Kundenbewertungen
Image by Jenni Miska
Image by Allison Heine
Image by Sigmund

Sweet Soul,
I invite you to take your Seat within this intimate Ceremonial Space.
Cacao is the medicine of the HEART. ❤️
Let yourself be guided by her wisdom. In Ceremony you slow down and turn inwards, you might receive visions, emotions, ideas, thoughts. Your whole body is allowed to slow down and to RECEIVE.
In itself Cacao is really nourishing, full of antioxidants and minerals. It also contains the "bliss molecule", Anandamide - which gives you a certain kind of inner glow, it comes from the Sanskrit word ananda which means 'happiness, pleasure, joy'.
Cacao is a medicine & teacher plant. She connects you with your inner wisdom, with your heart, with your creativity. ❤️
I will guide you through a meditation & movement to journey inwards and also bring in energy healing frequencies if aligned. You will feel the healing properties of cacao in your heart. Cacao expands your heart on a deeper level.
If you hear the call, I invite you to take your seat. ❤️🦋
Friday, June 9th. ✨
7pm - 8.30 CEST
Option 1:
55 Euro with Cacao (only within Germany)
You gonna receive a little package with ceremonial cacao before the ceremony. Please keep in mind that the cacao needs a few days to arrive.
or Option 2:
45 Euro without Cacao. 
The Ceremony will be held on Zoom. The language will depend on the attendees, English or German.
Please prepare your Cacao before we start . Create a comfy & silent space, where you feel comfortable to be in Ceremony.

If you are pregnant, have problems with your heart or are caffeine sensitive, please let me know in advance.

YES! I AM IN :) -

write me an e-mail:

Inner Goddess Healing: Dienstleistungen

When Cacao entered this world, this timeline, this dimension, she came to change, to change the hearts of those who are willing to listen, to listen to their unique heart beat. 

She came, her soul travelled all the way to be here - NOW.
Guiding us to receive her message, pure and with the golden intention of an old soul knowing her place is here to be our teacher, a plant with the wisdom of many heart beats, many lifes and many souls woven into one.


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Rechtlicher Hinweis:

Die von mir angewandten Behandlungsmethoden sind energetische Anwendungen.

Sie ersetzen nicht den Arztbesuch. Die Haftung für eventuelle Folgen der Behandlung ist ausgeschlossen.

Der Begriff Heilung wird im spirituellen Sinne der Ganzheitlichkeit (Wholeness) in Bezug auf Körper, Geist und Seele verwendet.


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